The Solar Kingdoms

The largest and most organized political body in the solar system are the Solar Kingdoms of Mitrakam. Led at the top by the most exalted head of the (orthodox) church, the Prophet of the Faith: the Thearch of Mitrakam rules from the city of Sanctuary on the moon of Aruna. Below the Thearch rank the members of Parliament which meets on the moon of Dhumala, sitting in the House of Lords or the House of Commons. Membership is by election by the eight Kingdoms (Kaikasi and its moons), two Dominions (the Kravyad inner worlds of Maricha and Subahu), and two Provinces (one for the military protectorate of Raka, one for the collection of provincial worlds in the Yami Belt).

Life in the Kingdoms is relatively prosperous, assuming you are willing to play by the rules. Food, shelter, and healthcare are assured for all citizens, regardless of race, species, or religious affiliation. While family and caste play a large role in determining personal wealth; there are no slaves, indentured servants, or even worker class, given the advances in Technik and Sādhanā provided by the church to society.

Those who argue otherwise are malcontents, anarchists, or worse: atheists. They all come running for protection when the demons of the long night begin their raids, though. Then there are few enough arguments against the taxes and bureaucracy that sustain the Solar Navy, and the advanced Technik capabilities that maintain intrasolar commerce throughout the system.

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