Aruna  (Kaikasi b)

Aruna  (Kaikasi b)

Mean Orbital Distance: 0.45 million km from Kaikasi
Days to Orbit: 2
Mean Radius: 3,500 km
Surface Area: 154 million km2, Land 100 million km2
Base Temperature: 30° C
Seasonal Variation: -15° C / +6° C
Average Annual Precipitation: 50 cm
Significant Imports: Metals (7 MMT), Food (3 MMT)
Significant Exports: Machinery (6 MMT), Consumer Items (2 MMT)

A dense world, rich in iron ore and red with rust. Aruna’s main industry is industrial production. To the Kravyad , this word is Dearg.

The Patron of Aruna is Rana Taws, the Peacock Angel. The central sanctuary of the Thearch of the Orthodox Church is located on this world.

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