The Peoples of Rockets and Mayhem

The Janya

Arrived in their Promised Land two millennia ago to find it…currently occupied. A highly religious people with advanced psychic gifts, their technological base (known as Technik) is highly advanced, if lacking in some electronic features some would consider fundamental. Divided into social castes by physiology and enlightenment, most Janya have brick red skin and are sexually trimorphic.

The Kravyad

The native civilized people of this half of a binary star system, the Kravyad evolved from bipedal alpine mammals, and colonized the inner planets of the system in the far depths of distant history. Their technology, while primitive compared to that of the Janya, comports with the basic principles of chemistry and physics that we are familiar with. This places them at a significant disadvantage when compared to the Technik of the Janya, or the Nemesis-Tech of the Abhva. Originally a strongly matriarchal society, the hirsute Kravyad have broken into fractious clans with varying allegiance to the Solar Kingdoms led by the Janya.  

The Abhva

The inhabitants of the other half of the binary solar system, the Abhva are a decadent and corrupted coalition of hive-minded reptilian races who have long since depleted the resources of their native worlds. Strongly if abhorrently spiritual, the Abhva are a dark mirror to the worst tendencies of Janya and Kravyad alike. Every handful of centuries, as the co-orbits of the system’s binary stars bring them into proximity, the Abhva hordes arrive, locust like, to consume and despoil.

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