The Abhva

The Abhva (“The Enemy”, “Void Devils”) are the inhabitants of Planet X, which orbits the secondary Mitran sun, Yama. They worship a dark entity known as the Adversary, and are the terror of Janya and Raksasa alike. The eccentric orbit of Yama brings them close enough to engage open warfare every seven to eight centuries.


The Asuri are at the top of the Abhva society. These are the generals, necromancers, and warlords who lead the Abhva with vicious cunning. They range from two to three meters tall, although mass is difficult to ascertain due to no Asuri has even been captured by Janya forces, dead or alive.


The muscle of the Abhva war effort, the monsters that keep Janya and Kravyad awake at night. 4 meters tall, massing approximately 575 kg. Cold-blooded amphibians, but their hemocyanin based physiology allows activity even at below-freezing temperatures (when, admittedly, most Makara would rather be napping).

There are persistent rumors that all or some of the Makara possess the ability to control the outward appearance of their forms, although the utility of that ability in a creature that masses as much as eight adult Janya is questionable.


The “Hungry Ghosts” are the mostly incorporeal mooks and cannon fodder of the Abhva. Sneaky, and resistant to energy based attacks (to which the preferred tactic of the Janya is to throw Raksasa commandos at them). Perhaps they are the larval stage of Asuri. Perhaps they are not.

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