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The capital city of the agrarian moon Dhumala is named for the architectural marvel that houses the combined political power of the ruling classes (predominately of the nobility caste) for the Solar Kingdoms.

At the top rank of political power in the Kingdoms is the Thearch of Mitrakam, the Prophet of the Faith. In a constitutional monarchy, that would be the equivalent of the monarchy. Since the Kingdoms are a theocracy, the head of state is an elected member of the Orthodox Church of Uhuru Medhā (the state religion).

Underneath the Thearch is the Mitrakam Parliament (which operates with the advice and consent of the Thearch), consisting of the House of Lords, and the House of Commons. The House of Commons, the so-called lower House, consists of 49 locally elected representatives of the Artisan or Savant Caste from each Kingdom and 7 from each Province, for a total of 427 members. The House of Lords, the so-called upper house, consists of 195 Lords Temporal and Lords Spiritual. The Lords Temporal consists of 9 princes or princesses from each Kingdom or Dominion, for a total of 90 members. The Lords Spiritual consist of 7 magi from each Kingdom, Dominion, or Province, for a total of 105 members.

At the local Kingdom, Dominion, or Province level there is a Prime Minister, selected from among the local governors of the various States (geographical areas).

There are no gender requirements for membership or leadership. At the Dominion level (Maricha and Subahu), Kravyad are eligible to be elected Governor of the various States and therefore Prime Minister of the entire Dominion in question. By the second millennium, this has been an entirely hypothetical possibility.

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  1. Kingdoms
    • Kingdom of Aruna
    • Kingdom of Dhumala
    • Kingdom of Guara
    • Kingdom of Kaikasi
    • Kingdom of Karsnya
    • Kingdom of Marakata
    • Kingdom of Nilavarna
    • Kingdom of Rajata
    • Dominion of Maricha
    • Dominion of Subahu
    • Province of Raka
    • Provinces of Yami
    o Narmada
    o Kalindi
    o Yamuna
    o Sabarmati


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