The Kravyad

The Kravyad (“Raksasa”, to the invaders) are the aboriginal native inhabitants of the Surya system. Though once possessing art, culture, and sciences of their own, what remains are mere echoes, distorted through the lens of Janya expectation. By some accounts, the role of the Kravyad people in the Solar Kingdoms is to be exploited as disposable labor and to act as a secondary market for Janya goods.

Kravyad Physiology

The Kravyad originally evolved from Alpine ruminants on the world of an Domhan, similar to a cross between a silverback gorilla and a goat. Eyes are somewhat wide-set and possess barred pupils, with visual acuity generally greater than that of Janya adults. The males have chins spurs, beards, shorter straight or slightly curved horns, and long braided hair; the females have somewhat noticeable tusks, horns that curve close to the skull, and fine, short hair on their heads (less than 1 cm long) that is essentially fur.

Skin color ranges between matte tones of pale gray, beige, or tan. Hair is yellowish-blonde, reddish orange, or a rich brown that looks like teak. Females tend to have hair that’s lighter, males tend to have hair that’s darker (and as previously mentioned, with extended coverage and length)

Kravyad average 175 cm in height, and 110 kg in mass. Females tend to mass slightly less, and stand slightly taller.

Kravyad Social Classes

see Tuathanach and Ban-draoidh


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