The Yami Belt

Average Orbital distance:375 million km(min. 355 million km, max. 390 million km)
Average Days to orbit:1178
Average Radius:450 km for inhabited worlds and outposts
Average Base Temperature:5.2° C
Average Seasonal Variation:23.2° C (High), -10.8° C (Low)
Average Annual Precipitation:25 cm
Significant Imports:Minerals (4 MMT), Consumer Items and Organics (3 MMT each)
Significant Exports:Metals (10.5 MMT), Machinery (7.5 MMT)

Yami is populated with military outposts, commercial outposts, and the casteless free people of the Janya.

These are the three primary political factions in the Yami Belt:

  • Provincial worlds are allied with the Solar Kingdom, and have political representation in Parliament
  • Independent worlds are the mostly Outcaste City-States that do business with the Kingdom, but are not a part of it
  • Outlaw worlds explicitly prohibit the Solar Navy from their aerospace, and correspondingly enjoy an attitude verging from apathy to hostility (depending on the circumstances).

Of the Provincial worlds, primary are the quadrant capitals of the Belt: Narmada, Kalindi, Yamuna, and Sabarmati.

Most legendary of the Outlaw worlds is the Free City of Hanuruha, and the pirate fleet that defends it. That the Solar Navy has been unable to locate the Free City is an ongoing source of embarrassment to the Kingdoms.

Quadrant I – Narmada Capital

  • Gomati
  • Tungabjadra

Quadrant II – Kalindi Capital

  • Dahisar
  • Indravati

Quadrant III – Yamuna Capital

Quadrant IV – Sabarmati Capital

  • Damodar
  • Dras
  • Shingo

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