Maricha is the closest world to Surya, the primary sun of the Mitra system.

Mean Orbital Distance:150 million km
Days to Orbit:420
Mean Radius:7,944 km
Surface Area:792 million km2, Landmass 491 million km2
Base Temperature:30° C
Seasonal Variation:38° C (High), 24° C (Low)
Average Annual Precipitation:75 cm
Significant Imports:Machinery (2.5 MMT), Medicines (2 MMT)
Significant Exports:Organics (14 MMT), Consumer Items (5 MMT)

A colony world of the Janya, inhabited by the natives to the Surya system, the Kravyad. Maricha is home to a temperate climate, and an agriculture based economy. To the Kravyad, this world is known as Taise.

Maricha is a Dominion of the Solar Kingdom, and its capital is Pak Sacara. Major cities include Bal Ivarda, Karaja, Ksauri, Murdhan, Naka, Nikrandati, Rahi Karoti, Sakhila, Sar Agata, Sauv Ira, and Zil Ajit. Two moons orbit high above Maricha: Malada and Karusha.

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