Subahu is the second closest world to Surya, the primary sun of the Mitra system.

Mean Orbital Distance:285 million km
Days to Orbit:784
Mean Radius:9,537 km
Surface Area:1.14 billion km2, Landmass 686 million km2
Base Temperature:22.8° C
Seasonal Variation:32.8° C (High), 17.3° C (Low)
Average Annual Precipitation:130 cm
Significant Imports:Machinery (2.5 MMT), Medicines (2 MMT)
Significant Exports:Organics (14 MMT), Consumer Items (5 MMT)

A colony world of the Janya, inhabited by the natives to the Surya system, the Kravyad. Subahu is home to a boreal climate, and an economy based on industrial manufacturing and resource extraction. To the Kravyad, this world is an Domhan.

Subahu is a Dominion of the Solar Kingdom, and its capital is Ketumat (“endowed with brightness”). Major cities include Bahuratna, Bhrajin, Hatya, Iditr, Jaghabala, Ketumat, Lalitapriya, Nipalazam, Papacara, and Prakaroti. A single great moon orbits Subahu, Tataka.

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