Empyrean Sails

Magnetic “hoops” a kilometer or more in diameter are projected adjacent to spacecraft via magnetic projector, and the nearly sheer planes of particles within are ignited via an akashic powered plasma caster to form plasma constructs that interact with the shakti currents in solar space. These force planes known as “Empyrean Sails” can be manipulated and rotated much as a physical sail could be; perpendicular, parallel, or angled to the craft, Surya, or the direction of travel.

Sustained acceleration / deceleration upwards of 3 meters per second squared in addition to impressive maneuverability are possible under the hand of a skilled navigator. Due to the presence of dark matter in solar space, faster speeds are not practical regardless of the size of the vehicle, and the shakti currents dwindle to unusability at the heliopause of Surya.

Ground based installations constructed at the intersection of telluric shakti pathways focus and refine the energy to allow orbital launch and recovery operations with very little direct energy expenditure by the vessels involved. Breaking atmosphere at locations other than said installations occurs, but at a much higher energy cost (usually, via Radium drive). Identifying and harnessing said energy is a function of the Cleric caste, and on civilized worlds, metropolises usually exist at these telluric intersections. The less civilized the world (and less corresponding influence the Church wields), the less likely there is an infrastructure to take advantage of the opportunity.

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