Pranagenesis (Greater)

The seven lunar worlds* at the center of Janya culture and the Solar Kingdoms orbit the Storm-Giant Kaikasi, and are blessed with atmosphere, warmth, and life. But it was not always so. When the starfaring Janya first arrived in the Mitra system a few thousand years ago, the moons of Kaikasi were cold and lifeless (with the exception of those close enough to feel the stress of the Storm-Giant’s massive gravity; those were hot and lifeless). Within a year of arrival, each boasted all the environmental qualities necessary to support life, from the microscopic to macroscopic.

According to Janya religious tradition, each of the seven worlds was rendered habitable by one of the Radiant Celestials that observe the Janya in a miracle fueled by Solar Shakti. Great crystal cathedrals have been erected in the holy locations where the Radiant Celestials first manifested themselves (and the planetary wide tempests that followed were centered).

* Karnsya, Aruna, Marakata, Nilavarna, Dhumala, Guara, and Rajata

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