Abhva Asuri (“Evil Spirits”)

The Abhva (“The Enemy”, “Void Devils”) are the inhabitants of Planet X, which orbits the secondary Mitran sun, Yama. They worship a dark entity known as the Adversary, and are the terror of Janya and Kravyad alike. The eccentric orbit of Yama brings them close enough to engage open warfare every seven to eight centuries, when they cross the void of space to ravage, locust like, among the bountiful worlds of the system’s brighter primary star, Surya.

The strategists and overlords of the Abhva war effort, the Asuri (Evil Spirits) are the most intellectually and spiritually advanced of the Abhva races (although clearly they have turned both advantages towards corrupted paths). As the Makara race has the equivalent physical strength of five Janya, the Asuri have the equivalent supernatural strength of five Janya: all Asuri are capable of potent hostile combat magicks. The Asuri possess a mostly humanoid appearance, averaging three meters tall with various imposing physiques. As with the Makara and the Pretya, the Asuri are evolved from a common ancestor or origin point, so share some additional physical similarities.

As the Asuri lead the Abhva as generals and necromancers in the invasion efforts, their mastery of the bizarre necro-tech of their Abhva culture makes them an even more potent threat.

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