Janya Savant Caste

The Janya (“Janes”, pejoratively) are the civilized folk of the Solar System. They possess art, culture, science, as well as a supernatural rapport with vastly powerful beings of energy (which is the basis of their theosophy). They have spread throughout the system, colonizing as they go. An immigrant species, the Janya are not, in fact, native to Mitra.

At the physiological level, there are several different genetic expressions on Janya heredity. All are essentially interfertile with each other, although offspring are always of one of the existing castes (there are no hybrid or partial caste Janya).

Savant Caste Physiology

Less than 5% of the overall Janya population is of the Savant Caste, whose physiology significantly divergent from the remainder of the Janya.  Average height for a Savant is 155 centimeters, and mass is between 100 and 120 kilograms, with highly developed musculature suited to the high gravity environment of the planet Kaikasi. Due to the massive amounts of subtle energies (Prana and Shakti) generated by Kaikasi, their skin tones range from a dark gray to absolute black, and is essentially hairless.

Savant Caste Society

Savants less conscious of social divisions within their own caste than the other Janya castes. On a personal level, Savants overall tend to be bold, patient, honest, and curious (some of the qualities can obviously conflict) .

The Savant enclaves on Kaikasi are built out of the dvīpa (floating mountains) native to the world, which orbit hundreds of kilometers high above the crushing surface. The inhabited dvīpa are still moderate to high gravity environs, which suits Savant physiology as well as providing a variety of useful research and engineering environments. There are a few hundred such enclaves, and thousands of inhabitable dvīpa, massing from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of cubic kilometers in volume.

While the Artisan Shreni (Tech guilds) organize their adult society, the equivalent concept for the Savant caste are Parisad (academic councils) of the great universities of philosophy and science above Kaikasi.


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