Tuathanach and Ban-draoidh

In the language of Kéna, the term Tuathanach – translates literally to “the faithful”. This is the bulk of the remaining Kravyad people, equivalent to Kravyad Andhaka. Generally, this is abstracted to “Thugs” or “Primitives” to the Janya.

The Ban-draoidh is Kéna for “the wise”, loosely equivalent to Kravyad Siddha. Inevitably, these are Kravyad females. To the Janya, these are “Witches” or “Furies”. The Inquisition, charged with protecting the faithful from hostile or forbidden magics, tend to take an extremely dim view of the Ban-draoidh (as do the political houses of Mitrakam – every time there is a Kravyad rebellion, the Ban-draoidh  are at the heart of it).

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