Abhva Makara (“Crocodiles”)

The Abhva (“The Enemy”, “Void Devils”) are the inhabitants of Planet X, which orbits the secondary Mitran sun, Yama. They worship a dark entity known as the Adversary, and are the terror of Janya and Kravyad alike. The eccentric orbit of Yama brings them close enough to engage open warfare every seven to eight centuries, when they cross the void of space to ravage, locust like, among the bountiful worlds of the system’s brighter primary star, Surya.

The muscle of the Abhva war effort, the Makara (Crocodiles) are the monsters that keep Janya awake at night. Cold-blooded amphibians, the Makara average 4 meters tall and mass approximately 575 kg. Their hemocyanin based physiology allows activity even at below-freezing temperatures, including extended durability in the coldness of the Void between worlds . There are persistent rumors that some of the Makara possess the ability to control their coloration or even shape, but what has absolutely been confirmed is that their overall appearance alters between Incursions into solar space.

Most are augmented with the bizarre necro-tech of their Asuri masters, internally and outwardly.

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