Yami Belt – The Free City of Hanuruha

The Yami Belt is populated with military outposts, commercial outposts, and the casteless free people of the Janya.

These are the three primary political factions in the Yami Belt:

  • Provincial worlds are allied with the Solar Kingdom, and have political representation in Parliament
  • Independent worlds are the mostly Outcaste City-States that do business with the Kingdom, but are not a part of it
  • Outlaw worlds explicitly prohibit the Solar Navy from their aerospace, and correspondingly enjoy an attitude verging from apathy to hostility (depending on the circumstances).

Most legendary of the Outlaw worlds is the Free City of Hanuruha, and the pirate fleet that defends it.

The founding of the Free City of Hanuruha dates to the earliest construction of the Yami orbital colonies, approximately AY1350. In the half a millennium since then, it has been: lost, overrun, conquered, destroyed, infiltrated, annexed; and in at least one case existed in two separate geographical locations at the same time. Hanuruha endures.

Nominally a city-state of Liberty Utopians, Hanuruha has three defining characteristics (four, if you include “perennially overrun with pirates”).

  • The Hanuruha Authority secures the safety of the people and property located within the Dockyard, for a weekly fee. Solarships are constructed, repaired, upgraded, and resupplied in the Dockyards (with the Authority receiving a percentage of that action as well); frauds, cheats, and thieves who ply their arts in the Dockyard are subject to lethal punitive measures.
  • Products and services from across the system regardless of safety or legality are available at Market, with a singular exception: slavery of either the Janya or Kravyad peoples is prohibited (under pain of death for the slavers). The Hanuruha Authority intervenes only in the case of that singular infraction, otherwise the safety of products and consumers is loosely overseen by the private security of the most established merchants in Market.
  • Dispute resolution between the inhabitants (and visitors) of Hanuruha is the function of Circus. Blood-matches (theoretically non-lethal) and Death-matches (what it sounds like) are contracted by parties in dispute to Circus, who markets viewing, attendance, and gambling on the match. Blood-matches usually pay off to the victor, and Death-matches usually pay off to the beneficiaries of the side that loses.

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