Episode Five, Session Two

Scene Two: Yami Belt Quadrant III, contested space. The Parindra II, amidst the wreckage of two Marauder class vessels.

The boarding party, consisting of Captain Chabra, Chief Mala, Chief Vãhakah, Bosun Kaffir, and five Damage Control Crew head over to the disabled Marauder in the Sulas Tine, the Privateer Corvette that serves as the Ship’s Boat to the Parindra II.

Boarding begins at the larger airlock located on the Engineering / Propulsion Decks. The radioactive fuel the Abhva use is prepped for removal as salvage, as it fetches a pretty penny on the conflict’s grey markets. Once complete, the crew cautiously moves (upwards, relative) to the Gun Decks, where they encounter the remaining dozen or so Pretya defenders. The terrifying psychic attack damages and incapacitates the majority of the boarding crew, but the fearless actions of Bosun Kaffir (and his lethal cutlass work) wins the day.

Once the last resistance is wiped out, what remains of the boarding party make their way to the bridge and extract the hundred of kilograms worth of silicate power cores the Abhva seem to use to direct power within the ship. Boarding action complete, the boarding crew retreats to the Sulas Tine, hard fought booty in tow.

Scene Three: Yami Belt Quadrant III, contested space. The Sulas Tine, amidst wreckage of two Marauder class vessels.

The boarding party presently consists of Captain Chabra, Chief Mala (injured), Bosun Kaffir (recovering), Chief Vãhakah (disabled), and five Damage Control Crew (all but one disabled) currently on a heading to investigate the deteriorating hull of the second Marauder class vessel on the Sulas Tine, the Privateer Corvette that serves as the Ship’s Boat to the Parindra II.

Captain Chabra plays the corvette’s scanners across the second Marauder vessel, and quickly comes to the conclusion that the explosive forces of the scuttling charge are torquing the hull in several directions, and time is running out to salvage any valuables from what remains of the hull. Piloting the Sulas Tine to the biggest existing hull damage in the Engineering Decks; the boarding crew skips the airlock to directly enter the decompressed and dangerously broken hull directly.

Thankfully, there are no remaining crew to defend the spoils of ware. Unfortunately the environment is hostile enough in its current state, with the radioactive fuel spilling about in the microgravity environment. The environmental protection afforded by shipsuit and atmos mask is insufficient to protect the crew from the damage from the toxic chemicals when physical contact is made; Boson Kaffir, who has gone without, takes some especially punishing radiological burns to his skin.

From the Engineering Deck, the race is on to make way through the Gun Deck and Quarters to the Bridge to try to recover the silicate cores the Solar Navy uses to count coup on the Abhva (and not coincidentally, how they award prize money for degrading the Abhva war effort). Some engineering knowledge is useful for extracting the materials from a substantially compromised power distribution node; from here it is extracted directly through the gaping rents in the Bridge hull. where some skilled piloting from Captain Chabra recovers is at the crew as secondary explosions rack what’s left of the hull into a rapidly expanding debris cloud.

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