The Radiant Celestials

316180818The celestials are the “emanations of light” that serve the ineffable Uhuru Medhā. There are seven “Greater Celestials” that interfere directly with the Janya and their environment, as well as a host of lesser Celestials who are less invested in the success of the Janya. Celestials are essentially non-corporeal beings of spirit (shakti), although there are some Savant theosophers who theorize that the Celestials are also associated with stellar masses, or collections of them. The Janya Cleric Caste can commune directly, if inefficiently, with the Celestials, and may extend that communion to most Janya.

  • Arament (of the tattva of stone and soil)
  • Marut (of the tattva of plant life)
  • Matas (of the tattva of animal life)
  • Rana Taws (of the tattva of civilization)
  • Rtam (of the tattva of fire)
  • Sarvatāt (of the tattva of water)
  • Vatya (of the tattva of the sky and wind)

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