Episode Three, Session Five

Scene 5: Interior, MSN Parindra

(In the access shafts between the Hangar Deck and the Gunnery Deck)

Captain Goff comes aboard the Parindra with a handful of warriors to assist Mala and Chabra in their efforts to subdue the Kravyad pirate interlopers. She attempts to intimidate Lieutenant Guellec, and fails. Mightily.

A firefight breaks out between the privateers attempting to leave the hangar deck, and the pirates disassembling the ships weapon systems on the gunnery deck. Captain Mala has two engineers still out on the propulsion deck. Captain Chabra is down to three gunner’s mates from his ship. Captain Goff has brought along four of her own warriors from her ship.

On the other side: Lieutenant Guellec and a band of 8 Kravyad roughnecks (half of whom are armed with anything more lethal than a spanner).  A minute into the fight, and the Kravyad pirates have disabled the seven reinforcements the Janya have brought with them.

Captain Mala, blazing away with a pistol in each hand, takes out the “unarmed” pirates, although he takes his lumps while doing so. With Captain Goff’s help, the two Captains disable the remainder of the Kravyad boarders, while Captain Chabra employs his spiritualist magic to aid his allies.

Lieutenant Guellec, unfortunately for our heroes, concedes the fight and makes a speedy retreat towards the bridge.

Scene 6: Interior, MSN Parindra

(Onboard the Vatya’s Vengeance, parked on the Hangar Deck; in the ruins of the Parindra Propulsion Deck; among the powerless consoles on the Control deck)

As the Parindra continues to fall in its failing orbit, the privateers coordinate a speedy repair effort.

Captain Chabra, back aboard his Vatya’s Vengeance coordinates stripping the Radium Drive and the lifeblood fuel aboard into the Parindra Engineering section / Propulsion Deck.

Captain Mala and his engineers perform the critical (and terrifically difficult) task of reassembling a Radium Drive powerplant that was field stripped under duress, stabilizing the Radium X fuel, and bringing all of the above back online.

Captain Goff and her warriors are jury-rigging connections on the Control Desk, to get the ship underway as soon as propulsion is available.

Happily, everyone succeeds in their assignments, and the Parindra begins the long, slow trip back to the Free City of Hanuruha.

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