Story Four Outline

Rockets and Mayhem “Privateers and Peril”: Story Four The Magnificent “as many as we can get”.


The Plan

Setting: “The Abhva Triangle”, on the border of Quadrant III and IV of the Yami Belt (out past the regular MSN patrols)

One Scene of naval scale stealth and detection to find an Abhva transit route.

One Scene of disabling a Makara WarCruiser, to obtain the navigational data pointing back at where enslaved Janya and Kravyad captured in battle are being held before being shipped off to the closest (hidden) hiveworld.

One Scene of personal scale stealth and detection to get the assistance of the prisoners in the camp in staging a breakout.

  • If previous scene is unsuccessful, go directly to combat (and a quickly diminishing pool of possible crew)
  • If the previous scene was successful, a social scene for the recruiting of the hostages, and we go straight to the conclusion (success in this scene defines how many prisoners escape / sign articles of agreement).

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