Andhaka, Sramana, Siddha

All living being possess some amount of prana (life) and shakti (soul) energies (these are the primary subtle energies in Rockets and Mayhem). Healthy beings generate more of each of these than they absorb from the universe around them.

Among the Janya, those with sufficiently advanced capacities for shakti generation and retention are known as Śramaṇa. At this level, individuals are capable of influencing the material forms of matter and energy around them, as well as the subtle energies, at the subconscious level. This generally expresses itself in the form of extremely good luck and a facility with the advanced Janya science of Technik, the interaction of material and subtle forces.

The majority of Janya are Śramaṇa.

Those who lack this capability for shakti interactions are known as Andhaka. This manifests itself to the Janya as correspondingly (but not probabilistically[1]) bad luck, and doubt based gremlins that cause failures and mishaps when interacting with Technik constructs. Among the few positive benefits, Andhaka are resilient to the effects of Sādhanā to a surprising degree.

On the other hand, there are those (especially among the Savant and Cleric castes) who posses shakti capabilities an order of magnitude or more advanced than the Śramaṇa. These are the Siddha, Janya mystics who can interact with the material and subtle forces of the universe at a conscious level, requiring no physical constructs to do so. They can change the forms of matter, spontaneously generate bursts of energy, communicate physically over great distances, and stave off the entropic forces of the universe for a time.






[1] If a Śramaṇa flipped a coin one hundred times, they could predict the outcome seventy to seventy five percent of the time. When Andhaka attempt the same, their accuracy is closer to 50 percent. When the Andhaka do so in a contest with a Śramaṇa, they are only correct roughly one time in four.



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