The Space Between

Per the metaphysical truths at the heart of the setting (“there is a positive creative force in the universe, but there is a negative destructive one as well”), Worlds are hospitable places, granted the benefits of gravity, atmosphere, warmth, and water by the benevolent emanations of Uhuru Medhā (the unknowable deity).
Contrarily, the Akashic space between worlds is not simply the barren vacuum of space as we know it, but a place of cold, of darkness, of stasis. Newtonian principles apply, but the fundamental forces of the universe can be idiosyncratic. An object in motion in the darknese will eventually come to rest, as its motion is simply…eaten. Continuous propulsion is thus the order of the day.

The space between worlds is cold, dark, and the air pressure is very, very low. Without protective gear, people exposed to the dark of space can perish within minutes.
The conditions are similar to terrestrial extreme altitudes (8,000 meters above sea level; 380 millibars of pressure; -40°C). Dark Matter and Dark Energy intrusions from the Void are uncommon, but known.

Navigational Hazards
As previously discussed, the space between worlds is not empty. Hostile elemental forces
make this domain their home, as do a variety of hazardous life forms of the leviathan class. Even civilian ships possess some
weaponry; and are frequently quite judicious in the application of force, given that bright lights can attract dark horrors. In addition to weapons, in-system navigation is facilitated by regular trade lanes, and lighthouse outposts along the way to guide the way.

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