Episode Two, Session Two

Scene Three

Q Proud Mary is visited in the Primitive Medicine ward of the local hospital. All charges against him are dropped, and the investigation into the violence in the Solar Commerce Union Hall is closed, but Everybody Owes Somebody.

Scene Four

Q Proud Mary catches up with Shiv and Rajan as they investigate Union controlled properties in the Srama Gaol Municipal Complex. In one of them, they spot some Union brutes keeping a lookout of a condemned weapons facility. They also recognize Joya Hazari, one of the fugitive Rubel Mian’s recently revealed associates (and collaborator in the work stoppages).

The bounty hunters attempt to infiltrate the building with stealth, hoping to minimize the opposition. In this they are successful, and get the drop on the fugitive and two well armed bodyguards. Once the bodyguards are taken out quickly and quietly, Rubel surrenders without too much fuss, and the Paladin operatives exit without the notice of the brutes outside.

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