Episode Two, Session One

The Hunt for Rebel Rubel.

Principal is Rubel  Mian, Janya of the Artisan Caste, associated with a Blue (Navy) warrant for the capital offense of Sedition in times of war. Last confirmed location was the Srama Gaol Municipal Complex on Aruna (Kaikasi b). Remand is the Naval Reservation on Raka.

Known associates include Ashik Kalinga (Janya Nobility caste, executive director of the shipyard at the Municipal Complex), Oporajita Debroy (Janya Artisan and fellow employee at the shipyard), and Bhaskor Pathan (Cleric caste long time friend of the fugitive).

Scene One takes place in the Srama Gaol shipyards, and include a social interaction and investigation of Ashik Kalinga. It seems as though the fugitive had been staging work stoppages and sabotage in protest to the conditions of martial law in the complex.

Scene Two takes place at the Solar Commerce Union Trade Hall in the Free Trade Zone (no customs) of the Srama Gaol Cosmodrome. Rajan and Shiv made best use of a distraction provided by Q Proud Mary to surreptitiously obtain property and utility information for residential and commercial properties used by the Union from the foreman’s office. This, combined with the unofficial rumblings of an upcoming demonstration and rally, give the hunters an edge on arriving at the rally before the location is generally announced.

Unfortunately, there are two bits of complication. The first, Rajan’s belief that “magic solves everything” has resulted in a curious Union foreman being torn nearly asunder by a terrifically overpowered thunderbolt spell. The second is Q Proud Mary’s attempt at a distraction early in the scene ends in the Raksasa in law enforcement custody on the way to a local hospital to tend to the savage beating he took at the hands of Union members (in the company of nearly two dozen Artisan and Casteless union members who are in worse physical shape than he is).

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