Radium Drive

Radium drives provide advanced vectored propulsion by applying a highly energetic power source (a pulsed akashic field) to a complex Alchemical compound (Radium, stabilized in isotopes I-XII). Coupled with an active Inertial Ward, this reaction creates directed kinetic energy (high thrust, high specific impulse) without combustion or expelling reaction mass as propellant (the radium compound is not consumed in the process). Acceleration at 10 to 30 meters per second squared is possible, but the comparatively “thirsty” option can deplete a powerplant in hours of operation, as opposed to the weeks of sustained Empyrean Sail use.

The process of charging and recharging the Radium compound does result in lessening efficiency over time, however. Radium X drives have useful half-lives on the order of 18 months.

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