Episode Four, Session Two

Scene 3

The heroes have located fugitive target Khawaja Majumder’s contact and fence Faysal Accha at a resort casino complex on the Beltworld of Mahanadi. This extensive complex is located belowground for the most part, due to the intemperate climate of the outpost above. The independent colony has fairly permissive standards regarding weapons and armor, but the wealthy casino has inversely strict requirements for entry, and the technik and personnel to back the requirements up.

A complicated plan to sneak some gear into the establishment while Faysal is located is executed with the usual flair: it starts well, and ends up progressively destabilizing as time goes on. Business class accommodations are secured in the levels beneath the casino, and the intrigue continues to play out in the half a dozen levels separating the hunters’ room and the high roller suites below. Eventually, one too many technical failures for bypassing security summon a handful of well armed security personnel, and the heroes barely having time to scan the contents of Faysal’s business documents (which include the name of the freighter Ar. Majumder chartered, and a timetable of unclaimed planetoids to visit).

Scene 4

The Risky Business makes an expeditious high speed departure from Mahanadi, while being pursued by a pair of light fighters (either security forces associated with the casino, or mercenaries in the employ of Faysal Accha – it’s never precisely determined). Thanks to some impressive gunnery work by Shiv, the fighters are disabled in low orbit of Mahandi, allowing the ship to escape.

Onward to a series of unnamed worlds in the Yami Belt that the fugitive has survey data for.

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