Episode Four, Session Three

Scene Five

The Elsin Rani, Khawaja Majumder’s Light Freighter, has been disabled by a pair of Makara heavy fighters on long range patrol above an unnamed world in the Yami Belt. Our heroes must destroy, disable, or drive off those ships before the Makara can destroy the freighter and render for Khawaja Majumder out of reach – permanently.

The Makara pilots, seasoned veterans both, put up quite a fight, one that seems to overmatch the Fast Courier class ship our Bounty Hunters have at their disposal. In the end, one of the fighters is driven off, and the other is destroyed. Unfortunately, the latter victory required the sacrifice of the Risky Business, and our heroes find themselves faced with commandeering the disabled freighter or Khawaja Majumder or walking home.

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