Episode Three, Session Two

Scene Two: The debris field in a decaying orbit above the burning Gilgit hiveworld.

The three privateer vessels pass from the Empyrean to normal space, just beyond scanner range to the debris field. A cautious yet methodical.approach is executed, with increasingly thorough search attempts for the Parindra the deeper into the debris field the ships venture. All three ships fly in a tight formation, with overlapping scanner fields for maximum resolution.
A few minutes into the field, scanners flash white as an active scanner sweep of the debris field emanates from the planetside end of the field. Rigorous emissions control protocols keep the privateers from being detected.
A few more minutes, and the privateers have detected the cold, dark hull of the Parindra. Unfortunately, the Abhva Gunship lurking in the debris field has engaged in on again, off again contact with the Marru, and by the time all three ships are in position to possibly dock with the Parindra, it seems that someone else has beaten them to the prize….someone else in a Raksasa boarding craft.

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