Episode Three, Session Three

Scene Three

The Gilgit Debris Field (Cluttered with debris, Signal interference, Slowly accelerating towards planet)

The Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria (Marru, Vatya’s Vengeance, Sulas Tine; under captains Mala, Chabra, and Goff respectively), having identified the MSN Parindra in the graveyard of Janya and Abhva ships in an unstable orbit above Gilgit, move to intercept the Abhva Gunship which has just detected them. The hope is, the ship can be destroyed before it gets a chance to call for help (and likewise before the Raksasa assault shuttle full of hostile pirates that is currently docked with the Parindra has too much time to ready a defense).

Luckily, the aggressive nature of the Makara captain for the Gunship lends itself to this strategy. All three privateers spread out under the direction of Captain Chabra, pursuing an envelopment strategy against the larger and more heavily armed gunship. Captain Chabra, himself an ace pilot draws the fire of the Gunship, Captain Goff brackets the Gunship with her own fire, and Captain Mala takes advantage of the frenzied Makara by lining up his shots carefully (and accurately). While the privateers suffer some minor damage, the ending is never really in doubt as the privateers leave the disabled Gunship accelerating towards Gilgit even more quickly than the rest of the debris field.

Now, to board the Parindra, and restore her powerplant before she becomes a smoking crater on the surface of Gilgit…

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