Wakal Capital

The most significant population center in Wakal is known simply as “Capital”. An urbanized collection of residential, commercial, and (Technik) industrial use, Capital is located in the 15-km wide, half a kilometer-deep caldera of an extinct super-volcano on the southern continent.

The northwest side of the classes is broken up by irregular cracks hundreds of meters deep, with mixed use commercial and residential buildings climbing up and down those vertical surfaces. The northeast side is the mostly smooth downstream flow of long-cooled magma and serves as landing field, transshipment point, and sprawling home to the transitory gray market that calls Wakal home.

There are some extraction and refinery operations inside the caldera, using centuries outdated (and polluting) tech, but the bigger refineries are essentially city-states themselves, reachable through a well-developed and stable set of maglev corridors.


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