Episode Two, Session Four

Wakal, Capital City Landing Fields


The Marru is unloading it’s salvage of silicate power cores from the Makara WarCruiser, for delivery to the Warlord. Local rumor puts the minor colony world of Gomal formally in the “no longer extent” category, as the population has been slain or enslaved, the extracted resources captured and stolen, and the resource extraction machinery destroyed. Captains Kashi and Chabra might have more to tell of that story, but they keep their semi-successful exploits to themselves for the time being.

There are also rumors of an attack squadron of Abhva Gunships and Warships operating in the space between Betwa and Wakal, in sufficient strength that two 5 kiloton privateer vessels may be insufficient threat. It may be time to engage the local underworld for resources, and assistance.

Scene Four: The Free Market of Wakal

Kashi and Chabra work their local contacts to get an introduction for the shotcallers of the Stone Brotherhood, the organization behind the regional organized crime. The contacts lead them to Prashir Mir, the hijra bootlegger and fixer in the local market.

Luckily the captains’ hearty constitution allow for the free flow of conversation (and ‘shine), which gets them the rich personal backstory of Prashir, as well as a description and location of the Stone Brotherhood capo on Wakal, Rasel Sarkara.

That conversation is a bit touch and go; but Captain Chabra plays up his leadership qualities, and Captain Kashi trades on his reputation for living up to his word. They’ve established a (n elementary) relationship of trust with the Brotherhood, manage to upgrade the personal arms and armor of their crew, and obtain an introduction to Aelig Goff. Aelig is a fierce privateer in her own right, and is on Wakal offloading the spoils from her last several successful hunting adventures.

Now, if they can just talk her into partnering with the two high status Janya. Aelig is not just Kravyad , but ban-draoidh: one of the feared Raksasa furies who posses witchcraft. And Aelig’s reputation for savagery precedes her.

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