Rockets and Mayhem Series Three

Rockets and Mayhem, Series Three cast:

Captain Dharmik Chabra, a Janya privateer of the Cleric Caste. Zher ship is Vatya’s Vengeance.

Captain Kashi, a nobility caste Janya with no family name. Zher ship is the Marru.

Both have signed Letters of Marque authorized by the Solar Navy (and are transmitting the transponder codes to match), and are authorized to claim bounty on Abhva military vessels in the Yami Belt (there are no civilian Abhva vessels).

At the end of the first story arc, they were joined by

Captain Aeilig Goff, Kravyad ban-draoidh, ace gunner and infamous privateer in her own right. Her ship, the Sulas Tine, is a captured Navy Corvette.

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