Season Three, Episode One, Session One

Scene One: Solar trade lanes, 20 thousand kilometers from the colony of Wakal.

Captain Kashi seeks a meeting with Akash Dewan, the Warlord of Wakal, to register his Letter of Marque (and avoid any unpleasantness associated with transiting Dewan’s territory). Unfortunately the captain has insufficient reputation to obtain a face to face meeting with the Warlord. Hence, the following desperate plan: sneak through Wakal’s aerospace, charm the Warlord’s staff, and arrange an surprise meeting with the Warlord. Wakal’s orbital path is strewn with darkspace anomalies that should make the stealth approach easier, assuming more hostile inhabitants haven’t already claimed them.

Thanks to Captain Kashi’s alliance with Captain Chabra of Vatya’s Vengeance, Chabra agrees to act as a “stalking horse” and lead the way with full scanner visibility. Meanwhile Kashi follows with a low power / visibility de-orbital path, taking advantage of as many darkspace blind spots as zhe can manage.

Captain Kashi is mostly successful, putting down in the badlands to the east of the capital, while Captain Chabra lands in the capital’s Cosmodrome (and pays out the necessary bribes to get Kashi into the capital from landborne routes).

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