Season Three, Episode Zero

The Yami Belt is the solar ring of debris consisting of asteroids and planetoids in orbit between Mitra II (Subahu) and Mitra III (Raka). There are a few dozen inhabited worlds, and potential life on more than a hundred more. A portion of the settlements are provinces of the Solar Kingdoms; the remainder are military reservations, loosely democratic “independent” colonies of the Janya Casteless, and Outlaw worlds run by Warlords of any race (including the Raksasa).

The Freeport of Hanuruha is the home of the Revolutionary Navy of Free Peoples, a pleasant label for a collection of disreputable and scandalous pirates, assassins, and mercenaries. In the 113th War Council of Hanuruha, the Admiral (/Pirate King) is auctioning Letters of Marque and Reprisal issued by the Thearch of the Orthodox Church. The letters, once registered, grant amnesty to the bearer for the duration of the current system war with the Void Devils from Planet X, and an issue of clemency after 10 years of service. There are also standing offers of reward for the silicon based power distribution systems of the Abhva, and expedited processing of the radioactive alchemicals they use for fuel.

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