Episode One, Session Two

Scene Two

An academic research facility on Kaikasi Orbital MMMCLXVII, where the fugitive’s known associate Naznin Gāyakaḥ (a Janya of the Savant caste) works and teaches. An illicit entry after hours led to the discovery that Arup Vārtovahaḥ was residing in lab space in a state of construction without the knowledge of the administration. A less than subtle approach alerts the local security forces, who respond with haste, and the fugitive manages to exit the building one step ahead of his pursuers.

Scene Three

A Rocketsled chase in the airspace above the Kaikasi orbital enclave. Well, it would have been one, but the hunters risk shooting down the craft in question and injuring their quarry due to their own limited piloting skills.

The Red Warrant on Arup Vārtovahaḥ is closed successfully, if not quietly.

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