Consequences (FATE)

For the gaming part of Rockets and Mayhem, we use Fate Core, as previously mentioned. It’s a narratively focused quick rule system that is fairly universal in it’s approach to things. Anyway, one of the things that it asks players to provide is creative descriptions for the injuries they take.

We definitely do that. But also, as with a couple other mechanical options (Stunts, Extras) I provide some samples and examples for the players so if they get stuck in a low-imagination moment, play doesn’t grind to a halt. So, here are my “default” injury levels, arranged by Mild, Moderate, and Severe Consequences.





Common / Non-Lethal Stunned Stunned Stunned
Mental / Poisons Lethargy Weakness Partial Paralysis
Physical / Biological Sickened Infected Contagious
Physical / Respiratory Out of breath Difficulty Breathing Collapsed Lung
AOE fire damage 1st Degree Burns 2nd Degree Burns 3rd Degree Burns
Mental / Social Angry Enraged Homicidal
Mental / Social Embarrassed Ashamed Mortified
Physical / Endurance Tired Fatigued Exhausted
Morale Shaken Depressed Despondent

Arm, Leg

Physical / Blunt Bruised * Sprained * Fractured*
Physical / Edged or Projectile Hurt * Disabled * Crippled*
Physical / Energy Burned * Blasted * Crippled*


Physical / Blunt Hurt Bruised Vomiting Blood or Sucking Chest Wound
Physical / Edged or Projectile Hurt Bloody Internal Bleeding or Penetrating Chest Injury


Physical / Blunt Pain Confusion Loss of Memory or Semi-Conscious
Physical / Edged or Projectile Stunned Head Trauma Fractured Skull
Physical / Other Buffeted Blurred Vision Eye Damaged
Physical / Other Headache  Confusion Convulsions

Extreme Consequence / Physical Trouble

  Severed [arm, leg]

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