Setting: The Gilgit Debris Field

Aspects: Cluttered with debris, Signal interference, Slowly accelerating towards planet.

There are 25 zones in the field, in a grid 5 columns wide (A-E), and 5 rows deep (1-5). Row 0 (off the map) is “re-entry”. Ships moving off this side of the map are incinerated, crushed by gravity, and flattened by impact. This is an explicit character death outcome for anyone on said ship.


Zones B4 and D2 contain Average density debris fields. Zone D2 also contains a Good Scale Makara Gunship in low power standby mode. If it succeeds in an Ops vs. Engineering contest (Fair Ops, contested Engineering of target ship), it switches to full power, and begins sweeping the area with Active Scanners.

Zones B3, C3, and C2 contain Fair density debris fields.  Zone C3 contains the MSN Parindra if Zone B2 has already been successfully scanned. If not, it contains the wreckage of the MSN Vrisakapi.

Zone B2 contains an Good density debris field. It also contains the MSN Parindra if Zone C3 has already been successfully scanned (so, whichever of B2 and C3 is successfully scanned first, it’s in the other one). Otherwise, it contains the MSN Vrisakapi.


  • The debris field zones shift one row down every one hour of real time elapsed (so, one hour after the start of the scene, the contents of zone B2 move to B1. After two hours, the new contents of B1 get incinerated).
  • The Makara Gunship will attempt to concede and retreat planetside, in the event of sustaining a Moderate Consequence in battle. Half an hour of realtime later, two fresh Gunships arrive in Zone E1, looking for a fight.
  • Kravyad boarders from Balor’s Fearsome Gaze identify the zone with the Parindra in it in round 5, and succeed in landing in the shuttle bay of the ship in round 10. The boarders are on a Average Scale Assault shuttle, with an effective Engineering of 4 to be detected. Start them as far away from the players, within the debris field, as possible in Round 1.
  • Moving through a debris field zone requires a Maneuvering test against the density of the field plus two (passive). Maintaining position within the debris field (unless safely docked) still requires a Maneuvering test, but only against the density without a bonus (passive).
  • A successful scanner (Ops) test against the density rating of the field will confirm whether the Parindra is in that zone. An unsuccessful test means that another round of scanning is necessary to confirm whether or not it’s in that zone.


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