Episode Three, Session Three

Scene Four

This week, on Rockets and Mayhem, our heroes snuck into the space-circus after hours to abduct a heretic spiritualist at the request of the Inquisition (1). Things were touch and go taking a shortcut through the botanical freakshow (2), but thankfully the Raksasa carnies socializing in the laborer encampment were just drunk enough not to notice the bounty hunters technically didn’t have a warrant for their principal.

Scene Five

Also thankfully, the aforementioned principal Roslin Syed had very little prep time to ready zher magics before the door got busted in. Zhe had company in the form of a burly Kravyad Crocotta tamer who put up quite a fight. By the time Roslin was disabled and unconconscious, zher companion Tanoarn Mezec had fled into the darkness, no doubt to bedevil our heroes in the future.


1) “Everybody Owes Somebody”

2) see also: The Trouble with Triffids



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