Episode Three, Session Two

Scene Two:
The heroes spend the day at the fairgrounds of Gomati, touring the travelling circus. Some reconnaissance is accomplished, some prizes are won in games of skill, but there is no sign of the target of the assignment, Roslin Syed.

Scene Three:
Having won entrance to the “Championship Showdown” earlier in the day, Rajan, Shiv, and Q. Proud Mary all compete in respective bouts of skill with the local and circus champions, in the hopes of winning “golden tickets” that allow repeated reentry into the circus without paying a fare – the tickets are high-tech keys to the gates. The intent is to disassemble one of the tickets, so that another may be altered to grant after hours access to the circus (and the exhibits).
Unfortunately, Rajan is unable to beat the circus Elementalist Shaily Patoyari in a bout of raw Power, and Shiv is unable to triumph in a game of water blasters when the circus opponent puts the whammy on him with Spritualism magic. The good news is, Roslin Syed has been identified.

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