Rimael Guellec

Lietenant, First Mate to Captain Déorsa Navensi of the Outlaw vessel “Balor’s Fearsome Gaze”*.
Kravyad Tuathanach. Deadly marksman. Athletic, muscular physique. Flashy style, yet fiercely loyal to his captain.
Usually found wielding a coilgun dragoon and wearing a carapace reinforced primitive EVA suit.

Kravyad Boarders:
Usually Good at their job, which involves fighting, shooting, and athletics.
Some are brawlers, some are clever enough to take cover in a firefight.
Generally a pretty forceful bunch.

Déorsa Navensi

Déorsa Navensi considered himself a revolutionary in the service of an oppressed people. The Solar Navy considered him a pirate, and a danger to the safe commerce in the Yami Belt. Needless to say, there was merit to both arguments. In the time of the Third Incursion, later known as the Age of Ashes, Captain Navensi and his band of cutthroat commandos were the terror of the provincial settlements in the belt, as well as the necromantic Abhva hordes from Planet X who intended no less than the extinction of all life in the system.