Convoy Briefing

From Yamuna:

Two Sthala class Light Freighters (Low-Technik)

  • Deva Raya
  • Sadasiva Raya

Four Kampana class Light Freighters (Low-Technik)

  • Bukka Raya
  • Achyuta Raya
  • Krishna Raya
  • Thimna Raya

Two Kipchack class Cargo Freighters (Primitive-Tech)

  • Kochi Kipchack
  • Subedei Kipchack

The two Kipchack class Primitive Freighters are the Yamuna to Sei hop only. They are in the 50,000 to 500,000 m3 displacement scale. The Low-Technik Freighters are in the 5,000 to 50,000 m3 displacement scale, two drop off at each of the next three stops (Garai, Pakhria, Dakatia). One of the Sthala class ships at Garai (stop two), and one at Dakatia (stop four).

The Sthala class ships are newer, and close quarters armed. The Kampana class ships have no weaponry. The Kipchak class ships are the worst of the lot, featuring no weapons at all, and outclassed thrust and scanner operations profiles.

There are another three Kavalu class Low-Technik armed escorts, in the 5,000 to 50,000 m3 displacement scale civilian frigate equivalents. One of these drops off at stop 2, stop 3, and stop 4 (along with the two freighters they’re contracted for). They have medium range turrets, but expect them to stay combat close to their assigned freighters.

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