Episode Four, Session Two

Scene Four: Aboard the disabled Pretya Marauder. Officer Quarters, Janya habitable.

There are four Janya present in the barricaded room: Captain Chabra, Chief Mala, Chief Vãhakah, unknown ungendered Janya captive.

Zher motives and history are unknown, but Captain Chabra is making an effort to be diplomatic, and coax them out of hiding (to retreat with the rest of the group through the Abhva Engineering deck, back to Mate Goff and the boarding craft).

“You should come with us, we’re terribly wealthy.”

“Do you have any useful skills? We’re always hiring new crew.”

“…and we don’t do background checks!”

Artire Piyalia Dutta agrees to follow the privateers back to their vessel, and tell the crew everything she knows about Abhva operations in the area.

Scene Five: Aboard the disabled Pretya Marauder. Engineering deck, marginally habitable.

One of the Makara officers from the bridge is leading a repair crew of a bare handful of hungry ghosts (Pretya) in efforts to re-initialize the fission primed anti-matter powerplant. The catalyst leak has been repaired, so there are minimal levels of stray alpha and gamma radiation bouncing around the small, enclosed space.

Captain Chabra and Chief Vãhakah leap into a brawl with fists, blasters, and the arcane technomagic domain of spiritualism. It goes…poorly. Chief Vãhakah is severely wounded. Captain Chabra is not, but his existing repertoire of shakti based magic is more suited to a support role, rather than specifically offensive or defensive.

One of the Pretya gets away despite stiff resistance, and brings a handful of the crocodilian Makara back with them. The Janya evac to their ship.

Scene Six: Aboard the Parindra II, in an empty technical space that will make a fine sick bay, someday.

“We really need to hire a surgeon”

Captain Chabra is uninjured. Chief Vãhakah is severely injured. Chief Mala is severely injured. Piyalia Dutta is relatively unharmed.

“Where were you captured? What do you know about where the Abhva are based?”

Piyalia provides flight times and acceleration profiles of the Pretya Marauder, which when combined with the naval data that kicked off this trip, get an overlapping “inclusion zone” of where the prison camp may be.


High above the bitterly cold planetary fragment in the Yami belt, the Parindra II gathers information using passive scans of the inhabited outpost below (much of which is below ground, but still detectable by temperature differential.

Looks like a industrially cleared landing zone, and three connected building complexes.


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