Episode Two, Session Three

Scene 3: Yami Belt Quadrant III, high orbit above Gomal.

Vatya’s Vengeance and the Marru are standoff distance from a disabled Makara WarCruiser, anxiously awaiting the return of their captains and associated boarding parties. Klaxons begin wailing as a new contact in their space begins painting the area with active scanners designed to identify and track weapon targets.

The Vengeance is quickly identified and locked-in, at which point her own scanners likewise flood the area with electromagnetic emissions designed to lock onto the interloper. The Marru maintains radio silence, and evades the electronic clutches of the primitive Kravyad Frigate ship exchanging blows with the Vengeance (a process that is going the worse for the Vengeance, without the cunning of her captain to guide her). All the while the transponder codes of the frigate declare itself to be the Janya Commercial freighter the “Abhasita Sutta”…

Into this maelstrom, the returning privateer shuttles from the WarCruiser leap and dance into the conflict, attempting to get their captains back to their respective homes (and likewise increase the combat effectiveness of each ship by an order of magnitude). Both shuttles returned safely, the privateers choose the better part of valor by fleeing the field of battle. Notably, the frigate does not follow.

Now, to return to Wakal to repair, re-arm, and potentially reinforce.

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