Episode Two, Session Two

Scene Two: Setback!
Having successfully, if cautiously, taken out the Makara WarCruiser orbiting high above a minor frozen colony world of the Janya; the two captains and their boarding parties land on the ship to commandeer precious silicate cores, radioactive alchemicals, and possibly captive colonists as well.
However, the interior of the ship is as cold and dark as the space between the worlds, and the Pretya “hungry ghosts” who haunt the ship prove damnably hard to kill. The antifreeze blooded Makara officers who lead the ghosts, equally dangerous in their own way, make good use of their native environs in the battle against our heroes.
Ultimately, the privateers are forced to retreat to their shuttles, having liberated the silicate cores…but not the radioactives, or the twenty captive colonists locked in a warmbox.

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