Episode One, Session Two

Scene Two: the fortress of Akash Dewan (the Warlord of Wakal).

Wakal is a bitterly cold outlaw colony, dedicated to refining raw materials and producing industrial products for the Quadrant that would otherwise be to expensive to import (directly, or through the addition of Mitrakam trade restrictions and tariffs). The Warlord’s Fortress is an abbreviated pyramid, with the bulk of the facility underground due to environmental as well as practical defense reasons.

Smartly dressed Captains Kashi and Chabra charm their way past hostile external patrols,  suspicious perimeter security, indifferent administrative functionaries, and dubious executive staff (the Warlord’s assistant, Rafi Sengupta, being the final obstacle) before arranging a face to face with the Warlord at the end of the day. More often than not, it was Chabra’s diplomatic skills that saved the day.

Scene Three: the office of Akash Dewan.

Through a long conversation overcoming the Wartlord’s indifference, Captain Kashi managed to establish the letters of marque, trade in radioactives and silicate cores, and associate benefits of eliminating the usual arrival and departure fees for the Cosmodrome. Zher additional aggressive goal of obtaining a discount on fuel and repair is unfortunately, just out of reach.

The following conversation, regarding the strategic layout of this region of the Belt, and military intelligence addressing the movement of the Abhva in the area are likewise mostly successful, with a few promising leads on raiding patterns being shared.

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