Episode Four, Session One

A Black Band Warrant has been issued for Khawaja Majumder, a Janya of the Artisan Caste.  He is wanted on the charges of Corporate Espionage, Larceny, and Grand Theft, in an incident on the Yami Province (and Quadrant Capital), Yamuna. Known associates include Kajol Purakayastha, Naisha Chakma, and Prabir Basak, all of the Artisan caste. Expected complications are the Economic nature of the crime (in all likelihood the fugitive has resources to spare), and lots of (charted and uncharted) places to hide in the Belt.

A flash-forward shot for the episode shows all three bounty hunters falling in the darkness of space, apparently extra-vehicular.

Scene One:

The Yamuna Survey Office, and an interaction with a known associate of the fugitive, Kajol Purakayastha. It’s revealed that espionage and theft were of a survey map of remote (and unclaimed) Yami worlds rich in precious metals, as well as samples of the metals in question. Kajol seems ill-disposed towards the fugitive, and through soft-interrogation reveals a possible vulnerability of the target: an expensive Soma habit.

Underworld contacts reveal an extensive network of crime and criminals based on the Beltworld of Wakal, and our heroes are off.

Scene Two: A Soma Den in Wakal

Prabir Basak, another of known associate of the fugitive, is in a highly suggestible state. After intimidating some local low-lives with designs on Prabir’s wallet, the grateful Artisan offers an unexpected discovery: the name and location of the fence that Khawaja Majumder sold the precious metals from the Survey office to (Prabir facilitated the meeting, and has just finished drinking, snorting, and injecting her finder’s fee).

From here, it’s off to the independent colony of Mahanadi, a refinery outpost known for “anything goes” Casinos.

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