Episode Three, Session One

Campaign Aspects: “Everybody owes somebody”, “You’re only as good as your last job”


The Janya Church has a separate but co-equal ecclesiastical criminal justice system.

For the most part the Church defers to temporal matters by using the civilian justice system for their needs (hence, Red Warrants), but in cases involving the Nobility or Clerics castes, or the practice of Sadhana, they have the authority to charge Janya under their own auspices.

Much as a military court, under separate-sovereigns doctrine, defendants do not have protection from being charged for the same action in multiple courts, just protection from being charged for the same criminal offense.

Scene One:

Pursuant to a high ranking member of the Church (a Red-Badge Agent of the Inqusition) saving Q. Proud Mary and the entire team from burglary and attempted manslaughter charges on their last assignment, the team finds themselves back on the Kaikasi moon of Aruna, in the Sanctuary of the Thearch. There, they are meeting with their contact in the Church, Shoan Sen. It seems there is a Casteless Janya outside the reach of clerical law in the Yami belt, and Shoan is calling in her marker quite expediently.

The team accepts an unsanctioned retrieval assignment for Roslin Syed, who stands accused by the Inquisition of Sorcery (Magic outside of the faith) and Maleficium (Injury, or Significant Injury, resulting from Magic). The highest level offense for unsanctioned Siddha, Necromancy involves the use of Spiritualism and Vivacism in the service of the Adversary, but there isn’t any evidence of that offense, currently.

Roslin is known to be traveling with the travelling circus, currently in Quadrant I of the Yami Belt. The circus travels to independent and outlaw settlements where the Church lacks legal authority (or worse), hence the need for mercenaries. The circus is scheduled to be on Gomati for the next two weeks (the third month of 1989). Once taken into custody, Roslin is to be returned to Aruna, the center of the Church power.

As this assignment pays nothing, the usual profit sharing arrangement with Captain Lohani isn’t applicable. That means fuel and travel expenses come out of the team’s pockets (although Rajan will likely take the brunt of it, as she usually does).

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