Episode Four, Session Four

Previously on Rockets and Mayhem:

In pursuit of a Black Band Warrant on Khawaja Majumder (Espionage, Larceny, Grand Theft), our heroes had tracked the fugitive to high orbit of an unnamed world in the Yami Belt, and driven the attacking Makara heavy fighters off, at the cost of their own vessel.

After escaping from their own rocket shortly before it was destroyed, our heroes spacewalk over to the damaged yet mostly intact rocket of their bounty, and make their way inside. A running gun brawl battle up and down the lower decks of the ship, from the engineering deck to the cargo bay. Q Proud Mary gets himself in a bit of trouble when the tempestuous Raksasa makes one (unarmed) charge into emplaced enemies too many, and it’s all his teammates can do to pull him back to the safety of the engineering deck.

Our heroes are barricaded within, with access to the life support and navigation systems of the ship, when the remaining band of mercenaries hired to protect Majumder press forward with a final assault courtesy of overwhelming numbers.

Fade to black.

End of Series Two.